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Happening Today:

9:30  AARP Driver Course

12:30  Olympics: Scrabble

1:30  Schmaltz:  Encore

We now have the 2016 Ann's Choice Annual Statement available for your review.  It is on the password protected page.  Click here to begin.

We recently came across some pictures of when they were building Ann's Choice.  Take a look.

The Display Case in the Village Clubhouse has been renovated For more details click on Village

We need you -    Check it out.     Interested in weekend canasta  or Bikes to buy or sell?

We now have the new menus for all the restaurants that will begin on July 2nd- see Dining.

We have a Text to Speech Reader to help low vision residents.  For more info, click here.



The Ann’s Choice Low Vision Group meets the second Friday of each month in the

Village Music Room at 11:00 am. The purpose is to assist residents with vision problems.

The assistance is in the form of demonstrations of the latest equipment, speakers on low vision, and sharing of experiences.

The next meeting will be Friday, July 14 at 11:00 am

in the Village Music Room.

Would you like to help maintain our web site?  Do you like 'surfing the net'?  We could use help to support and maintain this Ann's Choice web site.  You don't have to be a programmer and we will teach you how to do it.  A new class is forming now.  Let us know.  Call Bob at 215-675-1963 to give it a try.

We have a new story from our resident, Dave Jones, called THE POTION, on the Resident Writings page about baseball in Warminster.  Take a look.

We are now posting pictures and the results of our Olympic competition.  They are all on 2017 Olympics.  

We have a section and pictures of Chestnut Pointe, our extension of RG.  Click on the image.

There are Internet sites that offer free learning videos.  Take a look.

Check out the HUMOR and BUY/SELL  sections.




The Legacy Circle is a painless way of contributing to a fund that assists your friends and neighbors here at Ann’s Choice when life becomes financially disastrous due to adverse health issues.


We have a large family, 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. We wanted to get permission from our children to see if they would agree that we do this. Since it was all right, in fact encouraged by them, we signed on.


We trust our joining the Legacy Circle will encourage others to do the same. Perhaps everyone here at Ann’s Choice will make a planned gift to the Benevolent Care Fund to add to the camaraderie we enjoy here at Ann’s Choice. “We’re all in this together.” The gift happens when we no longer need the money, so even with limited resources it is feasible to make this thoughtful, generous gift to those who may need it when we are gone.


~Joe and Catherine Janus

Legacy Circle Testimonial

What inspired you to become a Legacy Circle Member?


None of us knows what the future holds, financially, health-wise or otherwise. Joining the Legacy Circle is making a statement of preparedness if not for ourselves (who knows!) or for someone else. My husband jokingly says “It’s easy to give away someone else’s money.” Our children are happy to be able to share.


Ann’s Choice has given us a safe and comfortable place to live. Our worries are few and our lives are made more pleasurable because of this.


Who knows when we might need to call on Benevolent Care? Life comes with few guarantees.


The Benevolent Care Fund can have only a positive effect for all who live here. Giving to it fulfills our     obligation to care for our fellow man as our Lord commanded.


~Frank and Anita Duke


Legacy Testimonial - Millie MacNaughton

“It’s My Home and My Family”



Many blessings have come to me—I have no immediate family, so I want to share with those who have been part of the Ann’s Choice “family.” It was time to get my “affairs” in order so I decided to become a member of the Legacy Circle.


I hope that no one will ever have to leave Ann’s Choice because of lack of funds or live in fear of having to leave.


When I think of the Benevolent Care Fund I think of active friendships, generosity and doing good for others. Ann’s Choice is my home and my family.


-Millie MacNaughton

Security * Kindness * Caring


These are the three words that come to mind when we think of the Benevolent Care Fund at Ann’s Choice.


We became part of the Legacy Circle because we felt it would be one way to help those who may require aid in the future. It was something we felt we wanted and needed to do.


There is a real sense of family at Ann’s Choice. Most residents are kind, caring and willing to help each other in anyway possible. The campus is beautifully maintained making us proud it is our home.


The single most important consideration we had before making this gift was speaking with our children to make sure they were 100% in favor of us making a legacy gift. We were prompted to make the gift because we were “getting our affairs in order” and did not want to miss this opportunity.


Hopefully others will see the advantage of making a legacy gift to be helpful to other residents. It would be very difficult for us to leave Ann’s Choice because of financial reasons and would hope, in some small way, this gift will assist residents in need.


-Marian and Arthur Williams

“This is a Wonderful Caring Community”

Fran and Harry Smith’s Legacy Circle Testimonial

When I was working in a retirement home I saw many folks who through no fault of their own had to leave their private nursing and assisted living facilities because they had insufficient funds. They had great difficulty getting oriented to our facility that had Medicaid beds for them. One blind lady was so distraught she did not do well.


When I think of the benevolent care fund I think of these 3 things:

1. What would I do if I was asked to leave because of funds?

2. How fortunate Harry and I were; his last days were spent with me at home.

3. If everyone helps all will be more able to be comfortable.


The single most important consideration in my decision to make a planned gift to the Benevolent Care Fund was the Golden Rule. I have always made contributions, since my children and grandchildren are doing well. This is a good way to help others. And the impact I hope my gift makes is that no resident will ever have to leave because of lack of funds.


Harry and I were so happy we had a chance to live at Ann’s Choice. Although thankfully, Harry did not have to use nursing home care at the end of his life we knew many who did.


I feel so blessed to possibly help some folks stay in their familiar home, not suffer as some of my patients did while I attended them, disoriented, depressed and angry at the end of life. This is heartbreaking.


We need to consider our fellow man; it doesn’t take too much if we all help!

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