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Happening Today:

9:30  AARP Driver Course

12:30  Olympics: Scrabble

1:30  Schmaltz:  Encore

We now have the 2016 Ann's Choice Annual Statement available for your review.  It is on the password protected page.  Click here to begin.

We recently came across some pictures of when they were building Ann's Choice.  Take a look.

The Display Case in the Village Clubhouse has been renovated For more details click on Village

We need you -    Check it out.     Interested in weekend canasta  or Bikes to buy or sell?

We now have the new menus for all the restaurants that will begin on July 2nd- see Dining.

We have a Text to Speech Reader to help low vision residents.  For more info, click here.



The Ann’s Choice Low Vision Group meets the second Friday of each month in the

Village Music Room at 11:00 am. The purpose is to assist residents with vision problems.

The assistance is in the form of demonstrations of the latest equipment, speakers on low vision, and sharing of experiences.

The next meeting will be Friday, July 14 at 11:00 am

in the Village Music Room.

Would you like to help maintain our web site?  Do you like 'surfing the net'?  We could use help to support and maintain this Ann's Choice web site.  You don't have to be a programmer and we will teach you how to do it.  A new class is forming now.  Let us know.  Call Bob at 215-675-1963 to give it a try.

We have a new story from our resident, Dave Jones, called THE POTION, on the Resident Writings page about baseball in Warminster.  Take a look.

We are now posting pictures and the results of our Olympic competition.  They are all on 2017 Olympics.  

We have a section and pictures of Chestnut Pointe, our extension of RG.  Click on the image.

There are Internet sites that offer free learning videos.  Take a look.

Check out the HUMOR and BUY/SELL  sections.



The following is a list of dedications in this section, with their author's name.

This is the sequence in which they appear.


  JOHN SHEWMON - Eleanor Mueller

  MY GIFT TO BILL - Eleanor Mueller



John Allen Shewmon 4/3/27 - 9/11/12. I Met John in high school, in North Plainfield, N.J.  John and my brother, Bill, were good pals.  John spent a lot of time at our home.  Mother and Daddy were glad to have him around. I was two years older and at the time had little in common with the younger boys.  As time passed, and we each married, we saw each other at social events over the years.


  Then, years later, as each of our mates died, and my brother died, John and I became a couple.  We were together for 12 yrs.  John  was a light hearted people person.  When we came to Ann's Choice in 2007, he became an Ambassador and attended sales events.  He so enjoyed talking with potential residents and explaining the advantages of living here.  He looked forward to these events and they became a big part of his life at Ann's Choice.  He was happy content and fulfilled.


     John and his wife, Helen, were married for 47 years. My husband, Ernie, and I were married for 39 years. I was alone for 12 years. Then one day John rang my bell and we had a nice visit. Helen had died in Feb., 2000 and we were both alone.  When he invited me to lunch some weeks later, of course I said yes and so it began.  He really was an answer to a prayer. I do believe it.


     I miss John Shewmon so very much. But, as he always said:  "It is what it is". I am thankful for the years we shared. I also know he is now happy with Helen, Bill and Ernie.  Miss you all so much. Until we meet again, I send my special love.

Eleanor M. Mueller





My Gift to Bill


I offer you a world in spring.  In blossom and bloom a delight.

In the colors of the Creators palette--Yellow, green, pink and white.

I offer you a scented breeze.  And the Mocking birds concert of 


And the warm sun and balmy air, before night gently falls.

I offer you a sister's love.  Special in every way.

For it formed in my heart on your very first day.


As I watched over you and held your hand to help you along the way

Our memories formed and the bond was set and we grew into today.

And so, little brother, This is the gift I bring:

May God grant you grace and peace.  And an eternity of spring.


Eleanor M. Mueller

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