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New Feature.  You can now send a comment card to any department of General Services.  Take a look - click on the icon.  Just like Dining, let them know how they are doing.


2nd Floor Steel Going Up (As of November 17, 2017).  Click on the image.


The Railroad Club is building our train platform in the Village - check out the progress.  Click on the image.

Open Enrollment for Erickson Advantage  is October 15-December 7.  Additional details at Erickson Advantage.

Would you like to see a whole bunch of pictures from our recent Cabaret?  Click on the image and check out who was there.


Always new items !!  Free monitor -  Car wanted, Scooters.  


Want a laugh - check out the Humor section!!!

We have the 2018 Erickson Advantage Benefits posted.  Take a look.


Our medical center is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 


Phone Number: 215-443-3850


Doctors on staff:

John Marcelis, MD

Peter Schwartz, MD

Helen Khusid, DO

Susan Moyer, MD

Vardhana Goswami, MD



Freida Vandegear, PMH,CNC, BC - Mental Health 

Rita Mack, PMH,CNC, BC - Mental Health

Hariett Levinson, DPM  - Podiatrist - 215-443-3844

Medical Providers - April 24, 2015
Medical Providers.pdf
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Deb Sipmeier's presentation on Home Health Care here at Ann's Choice. She gave this presentation at the RAC Town Hall of June 1st, 2017
What ACH Home Care can offer you 5 12 17[...]
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The following Medical Center Forms can be found and completed on the Forms on the Forms page or by following the link below:

  • Patient Questionnaire
  • Health Assessment
  • Request for Records
  • New Patient Questionnaire

Outpatient Rehabilitation: 215-443-4923

Home Health Services: 215- 443-3113

Horsham Square Pharmacy at Ann's Choice


Monday-Friday: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Sunday:  Closed

Phone: 215-674-5050

Specialists located in the Medical Center

Please call the providers directly to schedule appointments


Cardiology: David Waldstein, MD

                     Ronald Emmi, MD

                     Philadelphia Heart and Vascular Group

Hours: Varied days throughout month         

          Appointments: Call 215-885-4700


Gynecology: Denise Ranucci, MD

                       Anthony Matteo, MD

Hours: 2nd and 4th Friday monthly                      

Appointments: Call 215-657-5903


Audiology:Susan Harrison

Hours: Varied                                                   

          Appointments: 215-659-8805


Dermatology: Andrew Pollack, MD

                         Emily Schwartz, MD

                         Philadelphia Institute of Dermatology

Hours: Varied                                                    

Appointments: 215-836-7900


Mental Health: Rita Mack

                          Frieda Vandegaer

Hours: Monday through Friday                           

Appointments: 215-443-3850


Pulmonary: Stanley Silverman, MD

Hours: 3rd Thursday of Month                               

          Appointments: 215-517-1200


Oncology: John Redmond, MD                         

           Hours: Varied

 Appointments: 215-481-2400


Specialists located in the Medical Suite (Dawson Terrace)

Please call the provider directly to schedule an appointment


Podiatry: Hariett Levinson, DPM

            Hours: Monday - Friday                                      

            Appointments: 215-443-3844


Dental: Louis Gunkel, DMD

  Hours: Wednesday and Friday          

            Appointments: 215-443-3860


Ophthalmology:Tri County Eye Physicians & Surgeons

             Hours: Call for availability                                  

             Appointments: 215- 355-4428


Optician: Steve Brown

   Hours: Tuesdays                                                   

   Appointments: 215-444-0707


**Days/Times subject to change


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