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Contact: Jim Trump

                  Phone: 267-317-2175



3nd Wednesday of the Month, 10:00 AM, PAC

(Please note the new change of date) 

Our mission statement is “To protect and advocate the values as written in The Constitution of the United States.”  We are open to all.



Matt Weintraub, Bucks County DA - 2021 Candidate for re-election- 5 years in office


  • learn two things:  (1) U.S. Commonwealths: VA, PA, MA, Kentucky - (2) Don't answer scams!
  • As we age we become less "sharp" minded.  Family's concern for our lives; maybe oversteps.  "Lie to them!"  Call DA offices for help.  Even call 911 if necessary.
    • Internet scammers - Emails pretending to be legitimate companies, i.e. Microsoft new update.  Do NOT open email you don't recognize.  IRS, Social Security will never call you.  Do NOT click on links.  If really Comcast/Microsoft, you can call them back to verify..
    • Robocalls -  use a local exchange you may recognize. If you don't know the number do NOT answer.  Let go to voicemail.  Don't "play" with them.  Will call again with another scam.  "Lie to them" if necessary to end call.
  • To provide video possibly made here for replay to residents
  • Others in office:
    • Mike Bannon - Consumer Protection Services - free help
    • Kathy Bennett - Director Bucks County Area Agency on Aging - 267-880-5700
    • Brendan Corbalis - Senior Law Center, Asst. Director of Volunteer Services 215-988-1244
      • living wills and powers of attorney - have a 3rd person to look over his shoulder - "Trust and Verify!"
    • Mary "Kate" Kohler - Deputy DA Bucks County - 215-348-6344
      • Prosecutor for those who hurt elders. 

Stephen Corr - Director of Public Safety (police, fire and EMS)- Bucks County Court of Common Pleas

  • Warrington resident - Villanova law. Wife is guidance counselor at CBWest.
  • Served three terms on CB School Board (12 years) - Reduced debt from 325 Mil. to 125 Mil.
  • Trial lawyer in several states - 
  • 9/11 represents 18 families to recover $15 Mil. damages from Taliban
    • First to get judgments against terrorists
    • Biden admin seeking to get this money - parents as terrorists for speaking out against school boards. - New litigation?
  • Civics lesson 
    • Judges important because Court of Common Pleas values judges positions. 
    • If you see something you question, use Constitution pamphlet for reference
    • Legislatures make laws - Governor passes law - Courts are last.  
    • Judges do NOT make laws.  Need to stay in "own lane."  
    • Mother-in-law Ann's resident - may get letter from her supporting him!
    • Info available from
    • PA State court judges - 5 Democrat/2 GOP.
      •  Rezoned maps!

Fred Harran (not attending) -  Sheriff candidate Bensalem - Coordinates police in all areas.


Dan McPhillips - Recorder of Deeds candidate

  • 8 years Warminster Township Supervisor
  • Community outreach on his own for 7 years - People's voices are to be heard

Colleen Christian -Bucks County Prothnotory candidate

  • Business owner/designer.
  • Chief clerk in special division of Court of Common Pleas
  • Bucks County resident (9 children) - Father Dave ran for office but lost.  Son joined Army
  • Must elect GOP candidates to send message to government. 

Pamela Van Brink - Controller Bucks County candidate

  • Began law school at 40 yrs old - professional volunteer
  • Attorney / small business owner law office/ mother
  • Only candidate with law degree
  • Controller - fiscal watchdog of county spending 
    • Sits on boards of prison/pension/? 
    • Audits accounts of anyone handling County funds.
    • Investigates any invoice of concern.  Can refuse payment of a bill.
    • Takes depositions
    • Commissioners decide whether to pay bills.  Is now Democrat majority.

Janice Charlton - Warminster Township Supervisor Candidate - 267-614-2008

  • with Vitaliy Velenchuk (unattending)
  • Need to elect both of them! - seeking to balance Supervisors
  • Nine children
  • Goes door knocking
  • A problem solver!
  • Votes for police officers. - We need more. 

Mark Gindhart - Centennial School Board candidate

  • Bucks resident for 10 years
  • Service career oriented
  • Son an Army medic - Daughter a teacher - Very proud of both!
  • Retired from emergency services / paramedic
  • Retired from police force 20 years
  • Responsibility to serve people
  • Two grandchildren (plus more) in school
  • Parents' voices should be heard at meetings
  • Current board 6 Dems/3 GOP

Stacey Wallace - PA Commonwealth Court Judge candidate 

  • 20 yrs of private/public legal experience
  • President McKean County Bar Assn. / rural hunting area
  • Small business owner
  • Fair, just, informed decisions 
  • Constitutional rule of law/respect boundaries of three govt branches!  Restore judicial integrity.
  • To uphold rule of law w. equal justice for all - no exceptions!
  • Court System explained:
    • Base is Court of Common Pleas
    • Middle is Superior Court
    • Highest is Commonwealth Court
  • Commonwealth Court judges create candidates for State Supreme Courts

"VOTE FOR TWO"; Stacey AND Drew

Drew Compton  - Appointed, not elected - Running for Re-Election  (not attending)

  • They will be listed as 3rd  AND 4th candidates
  • All four adhere to the Constitution! Sometimes reach results they do not agree with!
  • State Supreme Court is 5 to 2 in favor of Democrats - restore balance
  • In 2015 people did not come out to vote!!
  • Vote YES for 3 or 4 judges on November 2!!!

Meg Sullivan - Superior Court Judge candidate (not attending)

  • Experienced prosecutor for 12 years
  • Bodyguard of all four judicial candidates
  • Defends police! 


Kevin Brobson - Supreme Court Judge candidate (not attending) 

  • 11 Years Commonwealth Court Judge


Mail-in ballot requests must be in by 10/22!!!



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