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In a recent selective survey of residents that have lived here at least 3 years, and with a response of over 150 residents, the following items were noted pertaining to our RAC.


It is felt that RAC does not take the resident side on issues and it is not supportive of the residents.  In fact, the council will not allow residents to speak to the council on matters of importance.


The current council is made up of a group of close friends to the chair and therefore there are no checks and balances to what the chair can do.  This isn't the way it is supposed to be.


The survey recommended the following:

1.  More transparency - no one knows what the council is doing and that isn't a good thing.  It is too secretive.

2.  We have had a selected dining committee for almost six months now and we haven't heard anything they have done.  The residents should have access to all minutes of the committee meetings, published is easily accessible form.

3.  We have a finance committee and again, we never see their minutes and they should be published.  Ask questions. For example, we have 15 cars here for staff to use - do we really need 3 more?

4.  All minutes of the RAC board meetings should be published.  Tell us what you are thinking and doing.

5.  The by-laws have to be reviewed and brought up to date.  The chair and liaison selections should be made with consideration to quality, not friendships.

6.  The liaison reports should not just be reiteration of what we all know.  Tell us opinions and findings from a resident perspective on what administration is doing.

7.  Every question and suggestion to the council should be responded to by the council either in writing for all to see, or at the town hall.


86% of the survey responses were very negative towards the council.  This has to change.  We need a Resident Council that is active and supportive of the residents.


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