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WELCOME to the Ann's Choice General Services Department page on the Resident Website.  Below you will find information pertaining to the physical management of your apartment and the campus.

To request apartment repairs or maintenance:

            Call 215-443-3877, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


          Email your request at any time using this Website

                    by clicking on the relevant Community


                                 Liberty Commons


                        (Do NOT use email for emergencies)


FOR ALL EMERGENCIES THAT OCCUR AFTER HOURS, on the weekend or holidays please call 215-443-3801.  Someone will answer this phone 24 hours a day.


If your toilet, washer, garbage disposal, refrigerator or dishwasher is leaking or your kitchen sink is not draining, please call 215-443-3801 immediately.


To contact General Services for Guest Rentals, call 215-443-3877 and select your clubhouse from the menu options.

For replacement keys for apartments and/or mailboxes call 215-443-3892.


Please contact General Services (215-443-3877) for the following additional services:   

     Pest Control

     Cable Connections    

     Reserved Parking

     Storage Lockers


Snow Removal


General Services is pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of selecting our 2019-2020 snow removal contractor. Our contractor will monitor storms, alert General Services, and be on-call 24/7 to manage the snow removal process for our campus.

What is the snow removal process?

As in the past, snow removal will be taking place in three phases:

PHASE 1: Main road from the gatehouse to all clubhouses and Continuing Care are kept open throughout the storm to allow access for emergency vehicles. All clubhouse entrances are kept clear.

PHASE 2:When the snow ends, sidewalks are cleared and resident parking lots are plowed.  Residential building entrances are cleared.

PHASE 3: After IDl resident parking lots are properly plowed, cleaning of resident cars and parking spaces begins.

How do the contractor and General Services work together during the phases?

The contractor is responsible for Phase 1 and Phase 2. Ann's Choice staff will manage and supervise these two phases in conjunction with a dedicated project manager. Ann's Choice
staff will be responsible for cleaning of parking spaces and resident cars
only if requested by the resident. There is a nominal charge to have our team clean off your car.


How does this benefit you?

We learned from past experience that snow removal from cars, handicapped and loading zone parking spaces can be an organizational challenge. Ann's Choice General Services staff will once again be assigned to these specific tasks to ensure cars are cleaned as quickly as possible. When requested, car cleaning will consist of the front, top, and back of car. We will remove snow from behind the car and the driver's side only. Once those areas are cleared, you can back your car out and we will remove the snow from your parking space as best we can.


Will there be a charge for clearing snow from your car?

There will be a "per event" charge for clearing snow from your car. The car cleaning charges for the 2019-2020 winter season are:

Pre- Season Automatic Car Cleaning (received by 11/15/19) $20.00
Received after 11/15/19 and Same Day Request                        

If you sign-up for Pre-Season Automatic Car Cleaning, you will be placed on a priority list, your car will be cleaned each time it snows over two inches, and you will be charged $20.00 for each snow event. Please note that the cutoff date for pre-season sign-ups is Friday, November 15,2019. Residents selecting to have their car cleaned based on each snow event (non pre-season car cleaning) will be added to the list subsequent to the 'pre-season' sign-ups and their car will be cleaned after the priority list is complete; the charge will be $25.00 for each snow event.

We encourage residents to sign-up for the Pre-Season Automatic Car Cleaning, as General Services can determine which cars are to be cleaned and where they are located before the first snowfall. Knowing how many cars need to be cleaned of snow prior to the season enables General Services to establish a workable timeline for completion of car cleaning in each parking lot in a timely manner, along with the proper manpower. The car cleaning sign-up form is attached to this letter.

In order to ensure your safety, please do not approach any vehicles during the storm or during car cleaning. Many vehicles are loud and do not have a full view out of the windows.

If you have any questions, please call General Services at 215-443-3877.


or call 215-443-3880 for services

Transition into Continuing Care Handbook
Transition into CC Handbook 11_27_18.pdf
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Anns Choice Move-Out Handbook
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  • EMV’s are designed for transportation, not speed. The power setting on an EMV should not exceed the speed of the average person walking.  In other words, walk don’t run!
  • Pedestrians always have the right away.
  • Ride in the center or to the right of the hallway.  This protects pedestrians entering the hallway.  When approaching an intersection or pedestrians, keep to the right.
  • Stop at intersecting hallways and look both ways.  It’s similar to merging on to a highway.
  • On elevators, be mindful of others whether you’re using an EMV or sharing a ride with someone using an EMV.  EMV users should back out of the elevator.  Someone may need to hold the door open as they exit.  Take your time!
  • If you use an EMV, please consider the effects that alcohol and medication have on your reaction time.  If it clearly states on your medication bottle not to operate something as complex as an EMV after you have taken it, please refrain from doing so.  Please do not consume alcohol and then attempt to drive your EMV as this can be dangerous for yourself and others.
  • Finally, please follow these simple guidelines when leaving your walker or EMV.  In public areas we are mandated by Warminster fire code to maintain a pathway or egress of 4 feet.  Look around the dining room at night and notice where walkers and EMV’s are placed.  Is there a pathway wide enough to exit the room?  This is true when you leave your walker or EMV at the doorway of a residential building or in the Clubhouses.

In residential building entrances:Walkers and EMV’s should be placed under or close to the stairwell.

In Clubhouses:We recommend that you leave your walker or EMV in the following areas:

  • Village Clubhouse—Administration Office
  • Liberty Commons—Resident Life Suite
  • Keystone Clubhouse—Custom Services.

This keeps pathways to exit the building clear and maintains a clean, safe environment.

Awareness of safe practices, patience, and understanding will keep us out of harm’s way and mobile!

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