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Please note:  Our libraries are NOT accepting donations of books or DVDs AT THIS TIME.   Please save your donations for a later time.  Watch this website for updates.

Thanks for your cooperation!



Joan Greenberg or Toni Maiorino 

(use the Resident Directory for contact information)




2020 Prospect Hill Library Committee meetings

have been cancelled because of the Covid situation.  

We hope to meet on November 4, Signatures Lounge, 9:30 am.

If you have suggestions or would like to become a member of the Library Committee, please attend one of our meetings.


Prospect Hill Libraries are resident-supported libraries open to all residents and staff.    If you would like to make a donation to support our libraries, please make your check payable to "Ann's Choice Restricted Fund" and in the memo section of your check write "Prospect Hill Library."  Donations should be put in cubby  LP 115 (Liberty Commons Clubhouse).  Thanks for your support!




Copies of the "Pennsylvania Application for Mail-In Ballot" are available in the main library in Liberty Commons.  They are displayed in a literature rack on the counter under the window.


A reference copy of the 2019 Ann's Choice Annual Report is available in each library.  Also available are copies of the 2019 Resident Satisfaction Survey.  These copies are for use in the libraries only - please do not take them with you.  If you want your own copy, contact the Administration Office in Village Clubhouse.


Do you read large print books? Consider making a contribution to PROSPECT HILL LIBRARY so we can buy more of them. 

Special large print book donation forms are available in all three libraries.


Looking for a specific title or author in the main library?  Don't forget to look on the "Oversized Paperback" stacks, opposite the non-fiction collection.  There are hundreds of paperbacks there that are too big to fit on our rotating paperback racks.


JUST A REMINDER:  The newspapers available in the main library are donated by your fellow residents and should be read IN THE LIBRARY.  Please do not take them home with you.  By keeping them in the library, more residents will have access to them.   A big THANKS to our residents who share their daily newspapers!


DID YOU KNOW that the main library in Liberty Commons has a small collection of children's books and DVDs for visiting grandchildren?  The "Children's Corner" is located in the same book stacks as our large print books.


The computer that is available for public use in the main Library in Liberty Commons is a "Lab Computer" managed by the Ann's Choice IT Department.  The printer is  also managed by the IT Dept.  Printing is free but you will need to supply your own paper.


Wifi service is available in the Library and throughout Liberty Commons Clubhouse.


Click on the picture

on the left

to go to the

Bucks County Library System.





 The Warminster Township Library, 1076 Emma Lane, Warminster, is our local public library.   You will need to register for a Bucks County Free Library card at Warminster Library in order to check out materials at that or any public library in Bucks County.  Phone Warminster Library at 215 672 4362 for more information or visit their website.



What is Prospect Hill Library and where is it?

 "Prospect Hill Library" is actually three entities and is a self-supporting resident activity financed by donations from residents and friends.  The libraries are managed by a volunteer resident committee (Prospect Hill Library Committee).   


The "main" library is located on the second floor of Liberty Commons Clubhouse next to Signatures Lounge.   Keystone Clubhouse and Village Clubhouse each have a "branch" library in their second floor lounges.


What's available in the libraries?

Main library: 4000+ books including large print and paperback books; audio books (tape and CD);  DVDs and Blu-ray discs; magazines and newspapers.  There is also a computer, managed by the Ann's Choice IT Department, available for public use. 


Branch libraries (Village and Keystone Clubhouses):  fiction, mystery, and large print books  


There is no formal checkout procedure at any of the libraries.  Please return what you've borrowed to the library from which you borrowed it when you are finished with it.  

DVDs and audio books should be returned to the main library in Liberty Commons.


 When are the libraries open?

 Campus libraries are always open (subject to issues related to Covid 19).  


If I borrow books, etc., how long can I keep them?

We don't have formal loan periods -- keep in mind that others may be waiting for the books and DVDs that you have borrowed.  We suggest that DVDs and Blu-ray discs be returned within 7 days and books within 3 weeks.  We don't charge fines or send overdue notices.


What does the Library Committee do?

Committee members determine policies and procedures  and handle day-to-day library operations.  Anyone interested in joining the Committee should attend one of our meetings (see this year's meeting schedule above).    No previous experience with  libraries is necessary.


 Where do all of the books come from?

Most of the books and other materials in the libraries have been donated by residents and staff.  The library committee purchases large print books and DVDs as funds are available. 


 What kinds of books and other materials can the libraries use?  [See our temporary policy, above]

Copies of our full Donation Policy are available in the main library and are posted at each of the branch libraries.  

BOOKS:  Fiction (including mysteries) that has been published within the last five years; non-fiction that has been published within the last ten years.  

DVDs and BLU-RAY DISCS (movies and TV series):  Must be in their original packaging and in playable condition. 

PAPERBACK BOOKS and LARGE PRINT BOOKS:   Books in these formats of any age (any copyright date) may be donated if in good condition.  

MAGAZINES:  General interest magazines published within the last six months. 

NEWSPAPERS:   If you would like to share your daily newspaper, please put it on the newspaper rack in the main library.  


WE DO NOT ACCEPT  videocassettes, music CDs or cassettes, old/damaged books, multi-book sets on a single subject or theme, "coffee table" books, encyclopedias, books in foreign languages, Reader's Digest Condensed books, puzzles, or games.  Please do not bring these items to the library -- we will throw them away.


ALL ITEMS DONATED BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE LIBRARY COMMITTEE.  Because we receive more items than we can accomodate, some may be given to other libraries or non- profit organizations if we can't use them.  


Questions?   Call Joan Greenberg (see Resident Directory for contact information).







updated 9/25/20


  Ocean's Twelve (feature film)

 Gosford Park (feature film)

 Four Weddings and a Funeral (feature film)

 Platoon (feature film)

 Julie & Julia (feature film)

 Mona Lisa Smile (feature film)

 Along Came Polly (feature film)

 The Blind Side (feature film)

 The Office, seasons 1-2 (TV series)

 Law & Order, season 1 (TV series)

 Curb Your Enthusiasm, seasons 1-4, 6 (TV series)

 The Ritchie Boys (documentary)

 The Jewish Americans (documentary)

 Lost, season 1 (TV series)

 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, seasons 1-5 (TV series)

 The Missing (feature film)

 They (feature film)

 Sweet Home Alabama (feature film)

 The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers (feature film)

 Moulin Rouge (feature film)

 Eye See You (feature film)

 Nothing But the Truth (feature film)

 The Ring Two (feature film)

 Dr. Dolittle 2 (feature film)

 McLintock! (feature film)

 The Perfect Man (feature film)

 Runaway Jury (feature film)
 Trouble with the Curve (feature film)

 Calendar Girls (feature film)

 Crimson Tide (feature film)

 Dangerous Liaisons (feature film)

 The Last Samurai (feature film)

 Living Proof (feature film)

 Meet Joe Black (feature film)

 The Matrix & The Matrix Revisited (feature films)

 Hide and Seek (feature film)

 The Notebook (feature film)

 Notting Hill (feature film)

 Passenger 57 (feature film)

 One Hour Photo (feature film)

 Hanging Up (feature film)



*indicates that the Library owns previous seasons of this series 


Note:  The Library Committee accepts no responsibility for any damages to your audio or video equipment as a result of your       use of DVDs, recorded books, etc. borrowed from the Library.





Update 9/25/20


  Note:  We are no longer adding information about new book additions to our card catalog.  You should continue to use the card catalog to locate books that were added to the library before July 1, 2017.  If you are looking for specific authors or subjects, please check the shelves as well as the catalog.  The books listed below are not included in the card catalog.  However, they are listed by author and title in a binder located on the top of the card catalog.

M=Mystery.   F=Fiction.      LP=Large Print.   B=Biography.   

LP.   Don't Look Twice.                         Gross, Andrew

LP.   What Rose Forgot.                        Barr, Nevada

LP.   The Dutch House.                         Patchett, Ann                

LP.   Top Secret Twenty-One.               Evanovich, Janet

LP.   After Sundown.                             Howard, Linda

LP.   This Time Love.                            Lowell, Elizabeth

LP.   The Traitor's Wife.                        Pataki, Allison

LP.    The Underground Railroad.        Whitehead, Colson

LP.    Fair Warning.                               Connelly, Michael

LP.    Beach Rental.                              Greene, Grace

LP.    Dance Away With Me.                  Phillips, Susan E.

LP.    Camino Winds.                             Grisham, John

LP.    The Summer House.                    Patterson, James

LP.    The Giver of Stars.                       Moyes, Jojo

LP.    The Daughters of Erietown.         Schultz, Connie

LP.    Moral Compass.                           Steel, Danielle

LP.    A Light Last Seen.                        Greene, Grace

LP.    Ghosts of Harvard.                       Serritella, Francesca

LP.    The Third Girl.                              Goddin, Nell

LP.    The Book of Lost Friends.           Wingate, Lisa

LP.    The Nantucket Inn.                      Kelley, Pamela

LP.    Half Moon Bay.                            Kellerman, Jonathan

LP.    The Lost and Found Bookshop.  Wiggs, Susan

LP 940. The Splendid and the Vile.      Larson, Erik

LP. B  Nanaville                                    Quindlen. Anne

LP.     Holy Ghost.                                 Sandford, John

LP.     The Chance.                               Kingsbury, Karen

LP.     Dust.                                           Cornwell, Patricia

LP.     The Silent Patient                       Michaeledes, Alex

LP.     The Vanishing Half.                    Bennett, Brit

LP.     The Boy From the Woods.         Coben, Harlan

LP.     28 Summers.                              Hilderbrand, Elin

LP.     Little Fires Everywhere.              Ng, Celeste


F.     The Summer House.                    Baldacci, David

F.     Secrets of Cavendon.                   Bradford, B. T.

F.     The Dream Daughter.                   Chamberlain, Diane  

F.     The Things You Save in a Fire.    Center, Katherin

F.     The Boy From the Woods.           Coben, Harlan

F.     The Goodbye Man.                      Deaver, Jeffrey

F.     The After Party.                            DeSclafani, Anton

F.     Belgravia.                                     Fellowes, Julian

F.     Songs of Willow Frost.                 Ford, Jamie

F.     Queen Bee.                                 Frank, Dorothea B.

F.     The People We Hate at the Wedding. Ginder, Grant

F.     Camino Winds.                             Grisham, John

F.     Love, Death & Rare Books.          Hellenga, Robert

F.     The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted. Hillman, Robert

F.     Evvie Drake Starts Over.              Holmes, Linda

F.     Miracle Creek                               Kim, Angie

F.     Target Omega.                             Kirsanow, Peter

F.      Her, a novel.                                Lane, Harriet

F.     The Beekeeper of Aleppo.           Lefteri, Christy

F.      The Incident on the Bridge.         McNeal, Laura

F.     Spirit of the Season.                     Michaels, Fern

F.     A Reunion of Ghosts.                   Mitchell, Judith C.

F.     The Flight Portfolio.                      Orringer, Julie

F.      The Lifeboat Clique.                    Parks, Kathy

F.     After the Fire.                                Plain, Belva

F.     Invasion of Privacy.                      Reich, Christopher

F.     Hideaway.                                     Roberts, Nora

F.     About That Kiss.                           Shalvis, Jill

F.     The New Girl.                               Silva, Daniel

F.     The Other Woman.                       Silva, Daniel

F.     Child's Play.                                  Steel, Danielle

F.     The Good Fight.                            Steel, Danielle       

F.     All Adults Here.                             Straub, Emma

F.     A Nantucket Wedding.                  Thayer, Nancy

F.     Backlash.                                      Thor, Brad 

F.     The Last Trial.                               Turow, Scott

F.     The Turn of the Key.                     Ware, Ruth

F.     Big Summer.                                 Weiner, Jennifer

F.     The Book of Lost Friends.             Wingate, Lisa

F.     Smooth Operator.                          Woods, Stuart


M.    Love and Death Among the Cheetahs. Bowen, Rhys

M.    High Heat.                                    Castle, Richard

M.    Fair Warning.                                Connelly, Michael

M.   Turbo Twenty-three.                       Evanovich, Janet

M.    Guilty Not Gulity.                           Francis, Felix

M.    Credible Threat.                            Jance, J. A. 

M.    Unto Us a Son Is Given.               Leon, Donna

M.    Macbeth.                                       Nesbo, Jo

M.    The Summer House.                    Patterson, James

M.    A Better Man.                                Penny, Louise

M.    Masked Prey.                                Sandford, John

M.    Cast On, Kill Off.                           Sefton, Maggie

M.    A Forgotten Place.                        Todd, Charles


027  The Library Book.                         Orlean, Susan

133. The Secret Language of Birthdays. Goldschneider, Gary

294  Awake at the Bedside.                  Ellison, Koshin P.

305  Dreamers and Deceivers.             Beck, Glenn

327. Exceptional.                                  Cheney, Dick

331. A World Without Work.                  Suskind, Daniel

342  Impeachment, an American

         History.                                         Engel, Jeffrey A.

347  Sisters in Law.                               Hirshman, Linda

363. The Great War of Our Time.          Morell, Michael

364  Chasing Cosby - the Downfall

          of America's Dad.                        Egan, Nicole W

500. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Bryson, Bill

613  The One-Minute Workout.             Gibala, Martin

613. The Get Well, Stay Well Guidebook for Seniors

613. The Doctor's Diet.                          Stork, Travis

791  Hank & Jim.                                   Scott, Eyman

940. The Mathews Men.                        Geroux, William

940. The Splendid and the Vile.             Larson, Eric

940  Killing the SS.                                O'Reilly, Bill

973  Suicide of a Superpower:

           Will America Survive to 2025?   Buchanan, Patrick J.

973  Thomas Jefferson & the 

           Tripoli Pirates.                            Kilmeade, Brian

973. Liars, Leakers, and Liberals.         Pirro, Jeanine


B.     My Own Words.                            Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

B.     Andrew Wyeth, a Secret Life.       Meryman, Richard

B     Walking With Peety: the Dog Who

           Saved My Life.                           O'Grey, Eric

B      Edison.                                          Morris, Edmund

B      Schultz & Peanuts, a biography.   Michaelis, David

B.     Too Much and Never Enough.      Trump, Mary L. 


* This list does not include paperback books added to the main library collection or any books added to the libraries in Village  and Keystone Clubhouses.  



Questions/comments about this page should be directed to Joan Greenberg.  Use the resident directory for contact information. 














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