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Garden spaces are provided by Ann's Choice for resident use.

The spaces are located behind Rose Gardens.  Each space is 10' x 10'.  There is a $10.00 annual flat fee per household for the use of one or more spaces.


If you already have one or more spaces, you will be contacted in the spring of each year about renewing them.  You will be able to retain your current space(s) and add additional spaces if they are available.


If you would like one or more garden spaces, please contact Kenny Faunce, Community Resources Coordinator, at 215 443 3837. Kenny's office is located on the second floor of Liberty Commons Clubhouse.


When you pay your fee and receive your space number(s), you will be given a copy of the "Ann's Choice Garden Spaces Guidelines." Please read this carefully since it provides guidance as to what you can and cannot do and your obligations with regard to gardening here.  Ours is a community garden and it is important that we all live up to our responsibilities with regard to keeping our garden spaces weed-free.


Questions?  Contact Kenny.


The Ann's Choice Grounds Department assists residents with some garden projects, including tilling spaces.  If you want your space tilled at any time throughout the year, please call the Grounds Department at 215 443 3875.

Garden Update

April 23, 2018


This is a quick update to keep gardening participants informed on the status of various issues pertaining to our 2018 growing season.



The Ann’s Choice Grounds Department has turned-on the water to the garden spaces area of the campus, and water is now available for your use.


Compostable Plant Material and Trash Receptacles

Ann’s Choice personnel have informed us of problems with gardeners improperly   disposing of dirt, as well as garden waste and trash. These problems include placing dirt in cans, failing to separate plant material from trash, and overfilling cans which makes it difficult for Ann’s Choice personnel to safely lift the cans and place them onto a raised truck bed.


All garden participants are reminded of the following:

·       Do not place soil in any of the black (compost) cans or light green (trash) cans

o   Soil must be shaken-off and substantially removed from all plant material (dead plants, weeds, etc.) before you place this plant material into the black (compost) cans.

o   Any soil which you shake-off and remove from your plants should remain in your garden space.

·       Separate garden waste by type

o   Use the black cans for compostable plant material.

o   Use the light green cans for trash (paper, plastic, used garden weed fabric, and other non-compostable material).

·       Do not overfill the black (compost) cans or the light green (trash) cans

o   Cans should only be ¾ full

o   Please place a lid on a can when you have finished working with it. Wet plant material and trash becomes very heavy when exposed to rain or other moisture.

o   Please remember if a can is too heavy for you to move then it is probably too heavy for Ann’s Choice personnel to safely lift the cans and place them onto a truck.

o   The black (compost) cans and light green (trash) cans are scheduled to be emptied by the Ann’s Choice Grounds crew on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When the cans are ¾ full please do not add anything to the cans. Please store your garden waste material in your garden space until empty cans become available.

o   The Garden Advisory Group is considering purchasing additional cans for composting and trash.


Garden Compost

Arrangements are being made to provide gardeners with triple-ground leaf compost that we obtain from Abington Township.


Garden Space Tilling

For the past week the soil conditions in our community have been too wet for tilling soil.  When weather conditions permit it, the Ann’s Choice Grounds Department will begin tilling garden spaces for those who have requested tilling.  Hopefully, this can begin sometime this week.


Wood Shed

As discussed at our 2018 gardening season kick-off meeting, held on April 10th, it is important that this shed be kept neat, uncluttered, and well organized to protect gardeners from trip and fall hazards. Already, great progress has been made and many gardeners are taking advantage of the new shelves recently installed by Dick Longcoy.


All gardening participants are reminded of the following:

·       Personal tool storage containers, etc. must be stored on the shelves,  and identified with your name and apartment number

·       Numerous items – many unidentified or with the names of former gardeners who no longer participate in our gardening community - are stored in the middle of the wood shed floor.

·       All items currently stored in the middle of the wood shed floor must be removed by May 1, 2018.

o   Any items remaining in the middle of the wood shed floor on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 will be removed, and either donated to a charitable organization (e.g., Impact Services, or Habitat for Humanity) or discarded.


Plastic Shed

The plastic shed, located directly across from garden space number 2, is in questionable condition. This shed has settled into its foundation, and the shed’s doors are nearly impossible for many gardeners to open and close.


Last week the Garden Advisory Group met with Ann’s Choice representatives to discuss this problem, and to explore options for resolving the issue. The Ann’s Choice folks expressed concern about the condition of the plastic shed because it has been moved before, parts of it appear brittle, and the roof has been previously repaired. Their foremost concern is for the safety of the gardeners who use this shed, and for residents who stroll through our gardens. Any corrective changes to this shed, its’ foundation, or possible replacement will have to be approved by Ann’s Choice management.


The Garden Advisory Group will continue working with Ann’s Choice management to develop a solution for the shed problems. As more information becomes available, the Garden Advisory Group will provide updates.


This document ( 042318.1 ) has been prepared and issued by the Garden Advisory Group.

Pictures submitted by Ray Schwegel, June 2018

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