Ann's Choice
 Ann's Choice 


1:30  Matinee Movie - PAC

3:30-6:30  Yom Kippur specials -        All restaurants

7:00  Keystone Sing-a-Long

 Sales and Marketing will be doing a promotional photo shoot on Thursday September 20 throughout areas of the campus.  They apologize for any inconvenience.  Details are on the Special Events page


The Holleran Suvey is in our hands.  Please fill them out honestly and truthfully and send them in.  

Nancy Woods 95th Birthday Party - a new PERSONAL page is available.  Click on the image.

Better this than that, huh.  To see more, click on the image.

Take a look at some pictures of the recent pool tourney in Liberty - click on the image.

We have the RAC minutes and liaison reports for September.  Click on the Special Announcements icon at the top.

The Fall Fireside Chat Schedule has been posted in Administration

The roof top garden is taking shape at Chestnut Pointe - click on the image.


Just added items: car, Free hospital bed, FREE INK TANKS,  Used Car wanted, Complete bedroom set, TV, recliners, kitchen table chairs, Sofa Bed,  power chair.   BUY/SELL

Want to laugh today?  NEW animal pics, sayings and cartoons.  

Humor to enjoy


Billiards (Everyone Welcome)


1st Thursday, 7:00 PM, All Billiards tables, all clubhouses

3rd Thursday, 7:00 PM, Keystone only

Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9:00 AM, VC Billiards Parlor


We have a resident instructor for those who are new to the game.


All skill levels are welcome!


Liberty Pool Players - June 2016

Billiards (Joe Campbell 8-Ball Tournament)


Village Clubhouse Captain: Sue Brown, DT118, 215-682-2089 and Carol Knitter, HV507, 215-672-8904

Liberty Commons Captain: Les and Debby Bergen, BC217, 215-674-2704

Keystone Clubhouse Captain: Nancy & Jim Bulera, IG415, 215-674-2722


1st Thursday, 7:00 PM, All Billiards tables, all clubhouses

3rd Thursday, 7:00 PM, Keystone only

We play a competitive game of 8-Ball.  Please see Billiard area bulletin boards for game rules.  We also play on the third Thursday of the month at Keystone.  Check it out

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