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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Executive Director's Town Hall

          Location: LC Performing Arts Center


Chris Donati's August FTDO is available in Administration

The revised September "Joggin Your Noggin" Brochure and Calendar can be found in Wellness

How about some pictures from our 15th Year Anniversary Party - click on the image.

Some pictures of the siding going up at Chestnut Pointe - click on the image.

If you use SEPTA, some important info about free tickets.  Click on the image.

Our 2018 Olympics Overall winners - Barbara Munz and Joe Wilkinson

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day.  Let's show off our talents - sign up with Tina.  See the flyer at the bottom of Special Events.

How about some pictures from the recent employee picnic - click on the image.

Saturday, September 15, 2018
10 AM-1 PM William Tennent High School, 333 Centennial Road, Warminster
PAR Recycle Works will provide electronics (e-waste) recycling events to area residents. Bring your outdated or obsolete appliance or electronic devices  such as computers, printers and cell phones. For more information about PAR Recycle Works and to determine what items will be accepted, go to their website: www.

 Drop off is free, except for small CRT monitors-$30; televisions up to 40”-$45; anything in an enclosure or over 40”-$65. Questions about fees should be sent to:



FREE INK TANKS, Wheelchair(s), Complete bedroom set, TV, recliners, kitchen table chairs, Sofa Bed,  power chair.   BUY/SELL

Want to laugh today? The importance of walking.  New sayings and cartoons, situations and funny pet pics. Humor to enjoy


Ann's Choice Television (ACTV) is the closed circuit television operation on our campus.  The station employs two full time professional staff, but residents participate in a variety of ways.  Whether you're in front of the camera or behind it, there's a way you can contribute!


The Electronic Bulletin Board is also broadcast on channel 978.


What can you see on Ann's Choice Television? 


Comcast channel 977 HD broadcasts a number of programs produced in the studio and around campus, including events held in the Performing Arts Center.  Those include our Resident produced plays and programs featuring various musical groups and our own Ann’s Choice Chorus.   Several of our shows profile residents.  Others give residents an opportunity to share opinions and ideas.  (see below for a list of currently produced programs).  In addition, we are now airing original programming produced by WHYY-TV.



As part of its mission to provide television that educates and informs our community, Ann’s Choice Television broadcasts our Resident Advisory Council meetings (live with rebroadcasts); Chris Donati's Town Hall meetings; and special events.   In addition, various departments produce programs to keep residents up-to-date on operations.  Also part of each day’s lineup are two daily exercise programs that were produced by staff and residents.


Ann's Choice Today

Our daily news and interview show updates residents about the day’s activities and meetings and provides timely interviews and features about campus events.   The show is broadcast at the top of the hour starting at 6 am through 10 am - check the TV Guide in your weekly "Cubby Chronicle" for all air times. 


Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB/TouchTown)

When programs aren’t being broadcast, an electronic bulletin board provides information about events, meetings, and activities going on around Ann’s Choice.  Comcast channel 978 HD shows only the electronic bulletin board.


Getting Involved and Becoming Part of the Team

Residents can become involved in a variety of ways. Currently, we have residents who produce and direct shows, edit, operate equipment during productions (audio, camera), act as on-air talent and hosts, manage the tape library, and assist with productions in the Performing Arts Center.

Residents also provide technical support and assistance for events and programs that are held in the Chapel.  Those programs are shown on the “Chapel Channel,” Comcast channel 980 HD.


No experience is necessary to be a part of the Ann's Choice TV team.  Classes in basic camera operation are offered regularly.  Other skills such as, audio, directing, and editing, are taught on a one-to-one basis.  To get involved, contact Dave Rector 215-443-4919.


Regularly scheduled programs and "Ann's Choice Today" segments:


  • Let’s Talk Sports (producer/host: Diana Bowen)
  • Meet Your Neighbor (producer/host: LJ Herman)     
  • The Wonderful World of Books (producer/host: Pat McGlynn)
  • Dining with Diana (producer/host: Diana Bowen)
  • Not So Undercover Boss with Chris Donati (producer: Ann's Choice TV staff)
  • Medical Minute (producer/hosts: Nancy Bulera and Dr. Peter Schwartz)
  • Website Wonders (produced by Keith Lawrence, hosted by Bob Klimek and other members of the AC Web-sters, the resident website team)


The campus publication Cubby Chronicle provides a schedule of each week’s programs and a summary of their content.  Updated contact information is on page 3.


Have an idea for a program, a suggestion or comment?  Contact the Ann's Choice TV staff (listed above).


ELECTRONIC BULLETIN BOARD (EBB) - Comcast channel (978 HD)

The EBB is your 24/7 resource for what's going on around campus.  Announcements for clubs and organizations and information from Ann's Choice departments and administration run on a cycle, rotating all day and all night every day.  Many of the announcements include audio, so you can hear as well as read them.  It's a good place to not only learn about campus life, but also advertise your organization's activities.  To place an announcement on Ann's Choice TV, pick up an announcement request form from the wall pocket at the television studios in Liberty Commons, complete it and return to the same location.


ROSE GARDENS - Comcast channel (979 HD)

Announcements for activities and informatio related to Rose Gardens. from Ann's Choice departments and administration run on a cycle, rotating all day and all night every day. It's a good place to  learn about daily life at RG.  

THE CHAPEL CHANNEL - Comcast channel (980 HD)

This is your source for information from our Pastoral Ministries Department.  Included are announcements about programs, trips, special events, and religious services being held in our beautiful Chapel.  The various faith groups on campus also advertise their meetings and events on these channels.  Many religious services are broadcast live from the Chapel.  Other events, such as concerts, are often recorded for rebroadcast at a later date.  Announcements run twenty-four hours a day except when there is a program or service being broadcast.  A program schedule is available in the Cubby Chronicle and in the newsletters of the individual faith groups.





You can now watch Centennial School Board meetings and Warminster Township Board of Supervisors meetings live as they are happening!


Centennial School Board - Use Comcast channel 28 (educational access) - For a schedule of School Board meetings, go to and click on the "calendar" link.  School Board meetings are generally on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month at 7 pm.


Warminster Township Board of Supervisors - Use Comcast channel 22 (government access) - For a schedule of meetings, go to and use the "contact us" drop down menu on the home page; click on the "calendar" link.  Supervisors usually meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7 pm.


Both the School District and the Township have electronic bulletin boards on their respective channels to provide information about events and services.  The bulletin boards run when meetings aren't being broadcast.

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