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Resident Contributions

This section contains various pages of resident contributions.  See the list on the right side.


We welcome comments as long as they are civil and the

language is acceptable. 

We are hoping you can share what you are doing to make life here enjoyable.  Any hobbies, games, puzzles, books.

Any recommendations.  Sometimes just saying ‘hello’ .

Are you having a good day today? Maybe bad day?  Do you need a partner for bridge, pinochle?  Want to start up a new game?

Any questionable comments will NOT be posted.  After you have submitted your comment, it will be reviewed by the Webster team and published if appropriate.

So reach out and let us know how you are doing! 

Comments will be removed after 30 days unless approved for longer.


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  • Bob Klimek-pinochle (Thursday, December 29 22 09:58 am EST)

    I need a partner for pinochle on Saturdays, call me

  • Bob Klimek (Thursday, December 29 22 09:02 am EST)

    I need a partner for bridge on Friday - call me.

  • Bob Klimek (Monday, December 26 22 11:23 am EST)

    Our next web meeting will be on January 18

  • Rayne (Thursday, December 15 22 01:02 pm EST)

    Test message.

  • Lorraine (Thursday, December 15 22 11:08 am EST)

    Happy Holidays everyone.
    Been difficult year and I am hoping to hear from you if you have any favorite books, games, etc.
    We need to keep in touch if we are to stay well and sane.

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