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Art 101 Fri, 10:00 pm Suspended
Art Club Thu, 9:00 am

Liberty Craft Rm

Color Yourself Calm Sat, 1:00 pm Liberty Craft Rm
The Gallery none  



Mon, 10:00 am Keystone Craft Studio
    Beginners Mon, 10:00 am Keystone Lobby

Mon, 6:15 pm

Tue, 12:30 pm

Thur, 1:00 pm

Keystone Craft S

Liberty Craft Stud

Liberty Craft Stud

    Intermediate Fri, 1:00 Signature Lounge


       Instruction & Play

Wed, 10:00 am Liberty Craft Stu
Canasta Ea. Wed, 1:00 pm Signature Lounge
3-13 Card Game Wed, 6:30 Village Lobby
Euchre Tue, 6:45 pm Suspended
Pinochle Weeknights, 6:45  Suspended
  Evenings Suspended
  Wed Suspended
Pinochle II Wed, 6:30 pm Suspended
Pinochle Tournament Tue, 12:15 pm Suspended
Poker Tue Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat,  5:00 pm Suspended
  Mon, 1:00 pm Suspended
  M, W, F, 9:00 am Suspended
AC3 Computer Club 1st Thu, 9:30 am Suspended
Apple Computer Group 1st, 2nd Tue, 3rd Mon, 10:00 Keystone Music Rm
Digital Photo Club Last Fri, 1:30 pm Suspended
Resident Website On call Lewis Pointe, T08
AC Quilters Mon, 1:00 pm Village Craft Stud.
Keystone Krafters Mon, 1:00 pm Keystone Lounge
  Fri, 1:00 pm Keystone Craft Rm
Pottery Mon, Thu, 9:00 am Village Craft Stud.
Stained Glass Club Sat, 9:30 am Suspended


ACH Squares Tue, 1:00 pm MPR
Line Wed, 1:30 pm Suspended
Last Sat. Dance Party Last Sat, 7:30 pm Suspended
AC Lifelong Learning    Academy 2nd Mon, 10:00 am Suspended
Choice Chatter none  
Conservative Values & Constitution Club 3rd Wed 10:00 am Keystone Music R
History Club 2nd Wed, 10:30 am PAC
Literary Ladies 1st Thu, 10:30 am Village Music Rm
New Yorker Magazine 4th Thu, 1:30 pm Village Craft Rm
Philosophy Club 1st & 3rd Thu, 1:00 pm Liberty Mucic Rm

Progressives 4 Positive


Last Tue, 3:00 pm 2nd Wed, 3:00 pm Keystone Music R PAC
Questers 1st Thu, 2:00 pm Keystone Music Rm
Socrates Cafe 4th Tue, 11:00 am Keystone Music Rm
Short Story Discussion

Tue & Thu, 

11:00 am

Yes, No, Maybe 1st Mon, 10:30 am Keystone Music R

AC Resident

    Entertainment Soc.

When called  
AC Theater, Act III 2nd & 4th Mon 1:00 pm Keystone Music R
Schmaltz   Suspended
BINGO Mon, 6:45 pm MPR
Chess 2nd & 4th Thu, 1:00 PM Keystone Craft St
Mexican Train Dominos Mon, 7:00 pm Suspended
Puzzle Club When called  

Tue, 1:00 pm

Sat, 7:15 pm

German Club 4th Fri, 10:00 am MPR
Italian Club

1st Mon, 1:00 pm


Liberty Catering Room
Le Cercle Francais 3rd Wed, 11:00 am Suspended
Second Time Around Band Tue, 1:30 pm PAC
AC Chorus Fri, 1:00 pm Suspended
Anyone Can Sing 3rd Thu, 2:00 pm Suspended
Catholic Council 1st Tue, 11:00 Liberty Music Rm
Jewish Council

2nd Thu, 7:00 pm


Protestant Council 1st Mon, 9:00 am Liberty Music Rm

Spiritual Book &

    Video Club

Wed, 9:45 am Village Music Rm
Barbara Club 2nd Tue - lunch Suspended
Joan Club 4th Wed, 12:30 Suspended
Juliet's Breakfast Club Last Fri, 9:30 am Suspended
Just Cause Breakfast 1st Mon, 9:00 am Suspended
Rock n' Rollers 3rd Thu, 7:30 pm Suspended
Romeo Club 3rd Thu, 9:00 am Suspended
AC Birders When called  
AC Model Railroad  2nd Mon, 9:00 am Liberty Lobby
AC Silent Flyers Tue, Thu, 10:00 am MPR
Amateur Radio Club Tue, 7:00 pm Suspended
Garden Club As needed  
Genealogy Club

2nd Tue, 7:00 pm


Catering Room
Melody of Memories Fri, 10:00 am Keystone Music R
Nightingales 2nd Tue, 1:00 pm Suspended
Prospect Hill Library 1st Wed (alt. mo.), 9:30 am Suspended
Red Hat Society    
  Court Jesters/Dawson              Dollies 2nd Fri, 11:30 am Suspended
  Liberty Belles    
Sounds of Poetry 1st Wed, 2:00 pm Suspended
Treasure Chest (Board) 3rd Mon, 10:00 am Village Music Rm
Veterans Group 3rd Tue, 7:30 pm PAC

2nd Mon, 1:00 pm


Village Music Rm
Writers Club 1st & 3rd Tue, 1:00 pm Suspended
Billiards, Casual Tue, Wed, Thu, 9:00 am Village & Liberty
Billiards Tournament 1st Thu, 6:30 pm Liberty

1st Thu, 6:45 pm

1st Thu, 7:00



  3rd Thu, 6:45 pm Keystone
Bocce (Indoor) Wed, Sat, 9:30 am Liberty Club Rm
Bowling Mon, 10:00 am Brunswick Lanes
Golf (Seasonal):    
   Men Thu, 8:30 am Neshaminy 
  Mon, 8:00 am Fairways

Mon, 9:30 am

Thu, 8:00 am

Horseshoes (Seasonal) Fri, 10:00 am Horseshoe Pits
Pickleball TBD Court
Ping Pong Mon, Fri, 1:00 pm Liberty Clubroom
Shuffleboard (Floor) Sat, 1:00 pm Suspended
Shuffleboard (Table) Mon, Wed, 4:00 pm Suspended
  Tue, Thu, 5:00 pm Suspended
Tennis (Seasonal)    
     Men's Doubles Mon, Wed, Fri, 8:00  Apr-Oct Courts
     Women's Doubles Mon thru Fri, 8:30  Courts

Wii Bowling

Tue, Fri, 1:00 pm

Tue, 9:45 am

Liberty Lounge

Wii Golf

Mon, 12:30 pm

Mon, 10:30 am


Liberty Lounge

Liberty Lounge



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