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10:00 - 11:30

New Volunteer


All tickets for the November 1 Bridge Tournament have been sold.

Open Enrollment for Erickson Advantage  is October 15-December 7.  Additional details at Erickson Advantage.

Drug Take-back

Turn in expired, unused drugs on Saturday 10-28 from 10am-2pm- VC Lobby.




Would you like to see a whole bunch of pictures from our recent Cabaret?  Click on the image and check out who was there.

The RAC Town Hall minutes and liaison reports are now availble for your review.  Click on Special Messages at the top and enter the password.

DID YOU KNOW that we have plaques in each clubhouse honoring those Veterans who have served, lived here, and passed away.  See Veterans Page and scroll to the bottom.

We have the minutes of the recent Woodshop meeting - click here.

We now have the latest Bugle Call from the Veterans Club - take a look.

Lots more dirt moving around.  Click on the image to see lots more.  (As of September 21, 2017)

There are Internet sites that offer free learning videos.  Take a look.


Always new items !!   Car wanted, Scooters, Free walker, a bike.


New golf cartoons on Humor page!!! and Why Seniors  become confused.

We have the 2018 Erickson Advantage Benefits posted.  Take a look.

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