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Walking Club


The walking Club meets every Tues, Thurs, & Sat at 10AM in the lobby of the Village Clubhouse. No membership required—just show up.


Any questions, email the coordinator (Lynn Burtis) at or call 908-782-6428.


We aim for pleasant walks that provide moderate exercise and opportunities to meet and socialize with other walkers. We walk about two miles, usually for less than an hour, at a pace between a stroll and a serious hike. Our routes take us through the Ann’s Choice campus, adjacent Warminster and Munro Parks, and the adjoining neighborhood. Because of the pace and distance, the club is not recommended for people who use assistive devices or whose walking abilities are otherwise compromised.


We won’t walk outside if it’s too hot (feels-like temperature of 90 or over) or too cold (feels-like temperature of 32 or below) or if it’s raining or snowing. On those days, the group could walk indoors without the resident coordinator, who will lead a walk at 3PM if the weather improves.


Since we walk on and off campus, it’s wise to take your Ann’s Choice badge and–-because Ann’s Choice personnel can’t respond to emergencies off campus—to carry regular ID and insurance info. You should also take your outside key—with the colored top—in case you leave the group off campus or get separated from it and have to open a gate yourself to get back to campus.


The resident coordinator emails walkers every evening before a walk about the predicted weather, the planned route, and any announcements. To get on the list, or if you have questions, email the coordinator (Lynn Burtis) at or call 908-782-6428.


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