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             iPhone Tips and Tricks #21: Cursor Control


                    Space Bar into Touchpad for your Cursor

     This will only work on certain iPhones and not on an iPad.  This is a very useful trick that you can use with your iPhone's cursor. I use this trick all the time and it can save you a lot of time. With this trick you will be able to move your cursor to any spot on your screen or any word or letter if you missed one. To do this trick, you need to hold down your space bar for a second until you feel a little vibration. All of the letters on your keyboard disappear. Remember to not let go. Your screen now becomes a mousepad for your finger. Then you can move your finger anywhere you would like to place your cursor then let go of keyboard. You can start typing if you missed a letter and then go back to typing. It saves time and effort instead of erasing all of it and re-typing again.

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             iPhone Tips and Tricks #20: Text Speaking



      If you get a long text from a friend and you don't feel like reading it, you have the ability to 'listen' to the text. This feature is on any iPhone or iPad. So what you have to do is go to settings on your device. Then once you've done that, go to general. When you're in general look down the line of options and click the box that says "Accessibility". Scroll down if you need to until you find the box that is labeled "Speech". The first on button you see will activate it, so you want to do that and turn the "Speak Selection" on. Once you've turned that on, 3 more boxes will pop up. The first box is the voices, so how you want the speaker to speak to you and what language you want it in. The second box is how fast the speaker is going to speak. And the third box is if you want the words to be highlighted as the speaker is speaking so you know what part they're speaking. You can fix those however you want it to be. So how you use it is that you double click and hold the text or phrase of words until either 3 or 2 black boxes pop up on the top. Once you see the boxes you can stop holding it. When you look at the boxes one of them will say "Speech". Click that and your device will start speaking to you what you highlighted. That's how you make our iDevice speak to you.


             iPhone Tips and Tricks #19: LED Flash


LED Flash For Alerts
If you want your flashlight to blink constantly when you get alerts or a phone call or a text message keep, reading this. First go to settings look down but don’t scroll down until you see general, click on that. Look in the middle of the screen until you see Accessibility, click on that. Scroll down until you see LED Flash For Alerts. Slide the on and off switch to the right which turns it on. Now when you get any alerts, phone call, or iMessages your flashlight will blink on and off. This will only work if you have an iPhone.
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             iPad Tips and Tricks #18: Music Timer


Music Timer
If you are afraid of listening to music while going to sleep because it will wake you up in the middle of the night. Well there is a solution to that. You can set a timer for your music to go off at any time you want it to go off at. First you go to Clock. Next go to timer. Set a time for as long as you want your music to go on for. Click When Timer Ends. Scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see Stop Playing, click that. In the top right corner you will see “Set”. Click that to set it all. Once you did all of that hit start and start playing your music. Once the timer is done everything will turn off and you won’t even know it happened. That’s how you set a timer for your music.

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             iPad Tips and Tricks #17: Set up a better passcode


If you want a more secure number password you are looking at the right place. You can have more than 4 numbers to lock your iPhone or iPad. First you go to settings. Then you go to password. Type your password in and then look down a little bit. You will see simple password. Right next to it you will see an on and off switch. Turn that off so slide it to the left. If you already have it off then just hit change passcode. Once you click change password or turn off simple passcode you will have to type your password in again. Next you will see at the top enter your new passcode. Go to numbers which is in the bottom left corner. Type in as many numbers as you want to be your passcode. You will have to type that same passcode in again. Once you did hit done. Turn your phone off and and enter your new long number password. Now if you lose your iPhone or iPad nobody can break in to your iPhone or iPad. That’s how you make a more secure and longer number password.

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             iPad Tips and Tricks #16: Easy Picture Option


Instead of taking a picture with hitting the circle at the bottom of the screen and getting your finger in the way when you take it. There is a more simple way of taking a picture. Just simply press any of the volume buttons. It is easier because it is natural for people to take a picture by holding it at the top. If you hold any of the volume buttons for about a second or two, it will take constant photos. If you want to take just one photo press it once. If you press it twice it will take constant photos. When you go to photos at the top right corner it will say burst. If you click on that it will turn how many photos you took and put them all in one photo how ever many photos you took.

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iPad Tips and Tricks #15: Quick Camera Option


If you see something that you want to take a picture of quickly, there is a better way than normal.  If you go thru the process of signing on to your iPhone or iPad, finding the camera, clicking on it, you may be past the opportune time for the picture.  More than 6-8 seconds.

Try this.  On the lower right part of your screen, there is a little camera icon – Swipe it up.  The camera will be ready is a flash, so you can take your picture.  Less than 2 seconds.

iPad Tips and Tricks #14: Accessibility Option

 Accessibility Options in Settings

   Im going to show you how to activate the accessibility options when you triple click the home button. First go to your settings.  Scroll down to general.   Find a box that says accessibility.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom.  Find a box that says Accessibility Shortcut.  Click on that.  Tap on all the ones you want.  It doesn't matter which one you choose.  My opinion would to click on all of them.  To make sure you got them, check each box to see if there is a checkmark next to it.  Then if you have all of the ones you want you can go back home.  Whenever you need them, triple click the home button.  Not once or twice.  Click it three times fast.  This box should come up and at the top it should say Accessibility Options and all of things you clicked on.  You can click on it if you want to and if you want to turn it off just click on the same thing.  If you want to get rid of it just go back in to settings and turn it off.  This is the easiest and fastest way to get all of that in a few seconds.

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iPad Tips and Tricks #13: White on Black, or vice versa

By default, the iPad displays black text on a white background.  If you do a lot of reading, you may find it easier to read white text against a black background.  To get this look, go to Settings>General>Accessability.  Turn the white on black option to On.

iPad Tips and Tricks #12: Lock to portrait Orientation

The iPad's accelerometer may cause the screen to rotate when you don't want it to.  To lock the screen orientation, double tap the home button to open the app switcher.  Tap the icon at the far left so that the lock symbol appears.

iPad Tips and Tricks #11:  How to freeze the orientation of the screen

Double click on the Home button.  Swipe to the right (See below).  You now have access to volume control, brightness, music, and the orientation.  Hit that bottom left hand button and it will lock the screen in that position.

After the swipe, this is what your screen will look like.

iPad Tips and Tricks #10: Bookmark a favorite web site

To bookmark a website and make it an icon on your home page:

Here's an example.  Using your browser Safari, go to a web site, like  At the top of the screen there is a little square with an arrow coming out of it.  Hit that and then tap the box that says "Add to Home Screen".  Go to your home screen, the icon for that web site should be there.

iPad Tips and Tricks #9: Viewing pictures and photos in messages.

If someone has sent you more than one picture or photo using Messages, you can easily view them all without looking at one, and having to go back to each message.  Just click/tap one, and when it expands, just move your finger sideways, and the next picture will come up, and so forth.

iPad Tips and Tricks #8: Copy and paste a message.

Find what you want to copy, to like a friend or something.  Double tap on it, and a black bubble thing will come up and it will say Copy, Select All, or Define. Click on Select All and a bubble comes up that says Copy – click on that. Then go on iMessages or email or wherever you want to paste the message and double click where you want it to be and you will have the option to Paste. Click on it and it will be right there.  The only thing you can’t do is copying a picture and putting it on notes.

iPad Tips and Tricks #7: Print These Tips

Some residents asked how is the best way to print these tips.  Here is what to do.  Highlight the tip or tips you wish to print, hit ctrl-C (copy), then open WORD or Wordpad on your PC, click ctrl-V (paste), then print it from there.  If you wish to print directly from your iPad, you just hold your finger over the info,  move both blue dots so that all of what you want to copy is covered, then click the word copy that comes up in flag menu.  Open up a new note and hold your finger over a blank spot, let go and the word paste will come up.  click on it and it will put in the copied material.  Remember you must have wireless printer to print from an iPad

iPad Tips and Tricks #6: "Voice Over" 

Activate Voice Over
You can get your iPad to read out the contents of any screen including button labels by turning on the voice over option in Settings - General - Accessibility, and this will dramatically change the way you interact with the iPad.  It can read email or web articles for you.  Actually it can read anything you tell it to.  Try it, it is cool.

iPad Tips and Tricks #5: "Reader" to help

Don't ignore that little sign when you see it.  It will appear in the address bar once you have reached the site you are after.  By clicking on that word, you will open the article without all the sideline ads or suggestions.  This works not only on your iPad but all your iMac.
It will look like this.

iPad Tips and Tricks #4: Save a picture sent to you.

If someone sends you a picture on iMessages and you want to save it in your photos, you click on the photo and in the top right corner you will see a arrow.  Click on that and look for "save to camera roll", and then click on that and it will be saved automatically in photos.

iPad Tips and Tricks #3: Add a folder on your screen

if you want to create a new folder, you hold one app until it has a X in the top left corner.  Then drag it on another app that you want in the folder then click in the top white bar and  type what you want the folder name to be.

iPad Tips and Tricks #2: Close an AP (application)

If you're in an app put all of your fingers on the screen and swipe your hand closed. That will close that ap.

iPad Tips and Tricks #1: Take an iPad screenshot

Like the iPhone, you can take a screenshot by pressing Home and then the power button, at the same time. Images are saved automatically in the Photos gallery. Here, you can view or email them. 

(iRyan is high tech, so watch for more of his tips.)

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